Oriental, Village and Tribal Rugs - Made by Hand

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Most of these rugs are made by nomads and by families in small villages in the Middle East. The patterns that have been passed down over hundreds of years, though each weaver puts their personal touches on the rug, so no two are ever the same. The angular designs drawn from the weaver's world include simple stylized forms such as camels, goats, lions and flowers. Rectiliniar and geometric motifs in the rug designs change over time as they pass from generation to generation within the same tribe or village.

Created on horizontal looms that are set on the ground, the rugs are often woven without a commercial purpose. Much of the time, the weavers plan them for their own personal use. The unique natures of the rugs come into play because the weavers don't generally use any exact measurements, but simply weave with a general size in mind and "eyeball it". Another distinction between the different patterns is the vegetable or natural dyes that are used, which fade in slightly different ways creating the much sought-after abrash affect. This provides the owner with an authentic piece that is dynamic and very much appreciated by rug collectors.

The rugs acquire an attractive patina over time which compliments both traditional and modern designs.